Avalon Barrier 2m (Clear-Path)

• Compliant with BS 7818 Specification (UK).
• Compliant with Chapter 8 Streetworks (UK).
• Advertising signage and reflective material can be applied.
• Can be used with link boards to extend barrier configurations.
• Can accept warning signs and contractor information boards.
• 1 piece barrier constructed from HDPE.
• Supplied with standard or ClearPath feet.
• Designed for secure stacking and easy transportation.
• Strong yet lightweight.
• Designed and manufactured in UK.
• 100% recyclable.

Clear-Path Feet
Specially designed to overcome the trip hazard to
pedestrians presented by conventional barrier feet.
The ClearPath foot incorporates:
• HiVis high density polythene (HDPE) front section.
• Rear section weighted for extra stability.
• 490mm wide – pedestrian side 180mm.
• Weight 3kg.
• Made from 100% recyclable material.


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