New Quick-Fit Frames from Ernco-Traffic

Vehicle and pedestrian traffic management is of critical importance when completing road works or civil engineering projects on or alongside the public road. Effective traffic management not only protects members of the public, but also construction workers and delivery personnel by providing them with a safe working area.


Road works signage is an important element of any traffic management plan. The purpose of road works signage is to:

  • Provide warning of the works ahead.
  • Provide information about the nature of the works or hazard which will be faced by the road user.
  • Provide direction through or past the works.
  • Provide confirmation that you have exited the works area.


We at Ernco-Traffic (part of Ernco-Group) provide a wide range of road works signs and frames for use for works both in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Signs can be mounted onto road cones, or be supplied on plastic or steel frames.


Quick-Fit frames are increasing in popularity as they offer a light-weight sign frame solution which allows contractors to interchange the sign plates and supplementary plates for specific job and during the carrying out of the works. For example, where temporary traffic signals are in use during the day but 2-way traffic is reinstated at the end of the shift, the traffic signal approach signs can be easily changed to road narrows or other appropriate warning message, without having to replace the sign frame. The quick-fit toggles on these frames are of sufficient depth to allow holding of 2 signs plates, e.g. Traffic Signals and Road Narrows, and the appropriate plate can be moved to the front to suit the traffic management plan in place.


We are now supplying a new and improved Quick-Fit frame which offers the following features:

  • Zinc plated box-iron construction for prevention of rust.
  • 300×300 standardised toggle centres allowing turning of Directional Arrows to Left or Right mode.
  • Lowered Supplementary Plate bar to facilitate use of Supplementary Plates on Irish road signs.
  • Suitable for NI or RoI road works signs.
  • Low level sand bag bar allows sand bags to be easily fitted past supplementary plate.
  • 600x1300mm frame takes minimal storage space in van or frame.


Extensive stocks of these frames are held at our Derrylin facility, as well as a complete range of signs, barriers, covers plates, ramps, and cones for temporary traffic management works. Visit our website for full details:

Quick-Fit Sign