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Why Choose Ernco?

Our team of qualified TM Designers carry out site surveys and develop traffic management plans in compliance Chapter-8 of the Traffic Signs Manual and accompanying Design Guidance documents. TM Plans are drawn using the latest Rapidplan TM Software. This software allows the development of site-specific plans which detail for the client all relevant information including advance signage, longitudinal and lateral safety zones, lane and crossover dimensions, and arrangements for pedestrians, residents, and traders affected by the works.

Ernco can provide TM Auditing which affords Clients the confidence that the setup on site is fully compliant. The signs, cones, barriers, and other TM equipment needed to safely implement the Plan are available from Ernco’s Roadworks Signs and Products department.

Traffic Management Planning

Where works are to be carried out in areas accessible to pedestrian, cyclist, or vehicular traffic, then a suitable Traffic Management Plan must be developed to allow safe passage past the works. This Traffic Management Plan must also take into account the needs of vulnerable persons.

For works in the Republic of Ireland, Ernco-Safety can develop site-specific traffic management plans in accordance with Chapter-8 of the Traffic Signs Manual, and DTTAS Temporary Traffic Management Design Guidance 2019.

For works in Northern Ireland, site specific traffic management plans can be developed in accordance with the “Safety at Street Works and Road Works” Code of Practice, and Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual.

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